Melissa and Doug Trunki Reviews – Don’t go on your Disney vacation without one!

While we were wandering around the airport waiting for our flight to Disney World we saw quite a few kids sitting on brightly coloured suitcases being pulled along by their parents. I was quite intrigued by this and decided to find out more about the Trunki ride on suitcase. This Trunki luggage is pretty cool and seems like the perfect kid’s luggage for a Disney vacation.

Trunki Suitcase Review

trunki cases 190x300 Melissa and Doug Trunki Reviews   Dont go on your Disney vacation without one! If you’ve never come across the Trunki ride on suitcase before then you are really missing out. This is one of the inventions that was featured on the UK version of the Dragon’s Den, and it’s taken off big time! The popular kid’s brand Melissa and Doug have adopted the Trunki suitcase for their own and have also developed a range of accessories to go with it including a saddlebag and some great fun face stickers.

The best thing about Trunki luggage is that it’s designed with children in mind, you have to cover a lot of ground in airports these days and those little legs tire easily. But not with the Trunki cases, little ones can just hop aboard and ride along behind you. It’s lightweight and durable and airline approved carry-on size so that your kids can use it as hand luggage, there’s plenty of space inside for all the activities and essentials they need to keep them occupied during the flight.

Product Features



  • Your kids can ride on their Trunki suitcase through the airport or train station
  • It’s lightweight and durable and serves as luggage and transport for kids who love to ride
  • There’s a tow strap and integrated wheels and stabilisers to stop the Trunki case from toppling over
  • Carry handles and secure catches keep the contents safe while carrying or riding
  • Holds children up to 100 pounds in weight


Trunki Luggage Styles and Colours


The Trunki luggage comes in a range of styles and colours so there are plenty to choose from including the popular Trunki Trixie.


  • Rests little legs
  • Kids love to pull it along
  • Easy to store in flight
  • Great for under threes



  • Not suitable for taller children
  • Can take a little while to master “driving” it
  • Locks can be a little tricky to open


trunki luggage Melissa and Doug Trunki Reviews   Dont go on your Disney vacation without one!

Trunki Reviews – What do other parents have to say?

Cassie’s Mommy was travelling alone with 3 1/2 year old Cassie and was dreading the journey. She thinks that Trunki Trixie is “like a super-hero”! Her daughter loved riding her Trunki, but also took great pleasure in pulling it a long “like a Big Girl”. Cassie’s Mommy took a little while to master the steering and she found hard turns challenging, but her tip is to remind the rider to “scoot backwards” to make the Trunki case easier to steer.

You can read what Cassie’s Mommy had to say in full here…

A&T’s Mom thinks that the Trunki suitcase is “truly the best suitcase for kids!” Her three year old had great fun travelling with her Trunki case and was able to keep all of her toys and DVD player inside to keep her entertained during the flight. A&T’s Mom highly recommends the Trunkif ro toddlers who travel.

You can read her review in full here…

Trunki Suitcase Dimensions

The Trunki Suitcase measures 16.6×12.9×7.7 inches and weighs 3.6 pounds. It’s perfect for carrying toys and games and a change of clothes for a flight, but you’ll need to put the rest of their clothes in your luggage if staying for more than a day or two.

Cheapest Trunki Luggage

Amazon has a wide range of Trunki suitcases available in all styles and colours.

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